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29 June 2020




Creaflow is glad to announce to be one of the first startup companies who will be located in the BlueChem building, the first incubator for sustainable chemistry in Flanders, located in BlueGate at the Port of Antwerp.

18 June 2020

In their latest Organic Process Research & Development article, Ecosynth reports the application of the HANU™ reactor to enable a heterogeneous MacMillan-type C(sp2)–C(sp3) cross-electrophile coupling. Combination of an oscillatory flow regime with static mixing elements imparts exquisite control over the mixing intensity and residence time distribution, pinpointing a mindset shift concerning slurry handling in continuous flow reactors. The C(sp2)–C(sp3) cross-electrophile coupling was successfully transferred from batch to flow, resulting in an intensified slurry process with significantly reduced reaction time and increased productivity.

25 February 2020

In a recent article "An oscillatory plug flow photoreactor facilitates semi-heterogeneous dual nickel/carbon nitride photocatalytic C–N couplings" by the Kappe group, it was demonstrated that the HANUTM reactors can efficiently be used to perform scalable flow experiments with heterogeneous catalysts. Open access article

07 November 2019

The article in Specialty Chemicals Magazine (November 2019) describes how the HANU reactors are pushing the boundaries of flow chemistry in terms of scalability, customization and specific chemistries. PDF version

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